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Guide to Joint Care

How to keep Joints Healthy?

Our Joints are essential for bodily movement and yet somehow incredibly under-appreciated.

Life without joints is hard to imagine,our joints are really crucial to living life as we know it,and caring for them can have a huge impact on how comfortable we feel in our bodies.In Ayurveda,the joints and bones are considered as site of Vata in the body.The joints are deeply affected by the quality of the bone tissue (Asthi Dhatu) and Majja Dhatu (Bone Marrow).InS addition,healthy joints are lubricated and cushioned by a fatty substance known in Ayurveda as Shleshak Kapha,which links the joints to the health of Meda dhatu.

Each of these building blocks relies on the process of tissue nutrition (Dhatu poshan) which brings us to the role of Agni (Jatharagni and Dhatwagni).Jatharagni the digestive fire and Dhatwagni the metabolic fire in joint health.


Supporting the joints on a more general level is a matter of clearing any accumulated ama, moving it back to the GI tract, and from there, eliminating it from the body.

We also want to reduce inflammation, support proper circulation, and balance agni in the tissues.

At the same time, kindling agni will ensure that neither excess dosha nor ama are able to find their way back into the joints in the future.

The following strategies help accomplish these goals in support of improved joint health.

  • Eliminate Ama with medicines.
  • Panchakarma- Basti, Janubasti, Kati basti.
  • Abhyang- Daily Medicated oil application.
  • Diet – As per your constitution, Agni
  • Yogasana -Naukasana,Sarvangasana,Paschimottanasan,etc.